Michelle Estuar

Iron Mitch

Date of birth: 11/14/1977

There aren’t many people in the vast landscape of the Philippine running community that do not know Michelle Estuar by name or by face. Indeed she is arguably TPB’s most famous member, having been featured on the covers of various running and fitness magazines, as well as advertisements, both in Philippines and abroad. Michelle is a true blue athlete in every sense of the word, she lives and breathes sports virtually every waking minute of the day. 

Her dedication to an active lifestyle pays off in leaps and bounds: Michelle has placed top 3 in more races than we can keep track of. From 5K to ultramarathons, she does it all and she does it well. Also she recently began her career as a triathlete and has already made quite an impression with various podium finishes.

Aside from training and competing, Michelle is a mainstay at Fitness First gym where she works as a coach and instructor. It’s not uncommon to find her leading 2-3 spinning classes in a day, and still have time and energy left over for personal training on top of everything else!

Despite her perpetually busy lifestyle, she still will make time to lend some free advice and support to her many fans and followers. So next time you see Michelle either in her fuchsia TPB singlet or her red ARC shirt, don’t be shy to approach her and say hello!

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