Mark Hernandez


Date of birth: 9/10/1978
Member since: 6/6/2010

Mark H. is one of the 3 Marks on the team. And just like the other 2 Marks, he’s an “original 10” member, meaning he has been wearing the famous fuchsia singlet ever since the inaugural Chris Sports Epic Relay in 2010. He has been present at every major team race TPB has been a part of since, and is certainly considered one of Team Powerpuff’s “core” runners.

As one might notice at first glance, Hernz is not just a runner but an athlete from head to toe. His muscular and toned physique is a result of a well-rounded fitness regimen which makes him not just a formidable runner but also an up-and-coming multisporter. His active lifestyle is shared and encouraged by his equally sporty wife, who is not just just a reliable source of support for Mark but for the entire team.

Mark has ran 2 editions of the Bataan Death March ultramarathon thusfar, both the 102-kilometer as well as the 160-kilometer event. However he suffered a dramatic misfortune during the latter stages of the 160km race, forcing him to abandon his attempt. But he will be back with a vengeance to run it again in 2012; such is the drive and passion that burns inside Hernz.

When did you start running? Why did you start running? 2009, initially as part of my gym cardio, then it became part of my endurance training for boxing... and since I was poor at dodging punches, I decided to take up running instead
What is your favorite distance? Why? 10k... not too short to have ample time to warm up, but not too far to have to test your endurance
What is your most memorable running moment? Event? My first ever DNF during my first BDM 160 attempt
Who are your running idols? Victor Ting and Baldrunner - I wish I can be like them showing young runners that age is just a number...Totoy, for his amazing and memorable Mt Samat climb, WIlnar for his god given, natural talent, Junrox for his amazing athletic nature (now doing extremely well in multisports!) Nick, Mark M., Brando, Luis (at least those I know the training programs of) for their dedication to training hard for the sport.
What was your weight before you started running? What is your weight now? before: 170lbs / now: 145 lbs +- 1
How many pairs of shoes do you own? 3
What was your "slowest" race? Not a race, but payback, as I paid it forward and paced my wife in her first ever marathon.
What are your usual pre-race activities? shower, dynamic stretch, a pack of GU, and chatting with fellow runners
What is your favorite non-TPB singlet? my yellow Nike singlet (you'll see it in most of my running pix other than my TPB sunglet)
What is your target race? What is your target finish time? In running, just to qualify in my age group for the Milo finals, In multisport, hopefully (I can dream can I?) Kona
Forefoot, midfoot, or heel? All 3, I switch as needed
What was your worst injury? How long were you sidelined? ITBS: 2 months
How many races have you raced already? What is your total mileage since you started running? Around 55 races so far, lost track of my total mileage
How did you get into TPB? When did you join TPB? I was invited to join the epic relay :)
What is your message to TPB fans and supporters? Don't train hard, train smart and stay injury free... be patient and know your limits
In your own words, what is running to you? Running is an escape from our normal day to day lives, where we get to test ourselves and love doing it
If you are to create a running event what will you name it? The Powerpuff Boys International Marathon!
If you are to create a team of 5 runners for a 5 x 32 km race, who will your members be (can be anyone, runner or not, living or dead)? Junrox, Totoy, WIlnar, Jixee, Luis

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