Mark Anthony Rodica

Beep Beep

Member since: 6/6/2010

Is the 90’s matinee idol Jestoni Alarcon also now into running?!? Who knows, but most likely who you saw was Beep-beep instead. One of the most mysterious and enigmatic members of Team Powerpuff Boys, Mark Rodica, or simply known as Beep-beep, is well known in the running community for his bubbly personality, running achievements, and nuttiness. But behind his friendly demeanor, wacky antics (running races donning a mental ward patient costume), and famous one-liners (“plantar facilitation”), he’s one of the strongest and fastest runners in the field especially when he puts his game face on and gives other runners a run for their money. During leg 11 of the 250km Chris Sports Epic relay 2010, he ran a neck-to-neck battle against Team Runnerspeak’s female Kenyan Susan (and outran her) which was one of the race’s most unforgettable moments. Nowadays you’ll regularly see him competing in ultras, endorsing the Reebok running apparel, and, unsurprisingly, still doing wacky antics at the finish line.

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