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Luis Arcangel was part of the original lineup that competed at the Epic Relay 250, the team’s very first foray into organized team competitions and the race which most running denizens acknowledge as their showcase to the mainstream public. He was part of a middle-of-the-order battery which time and again chipped away at considerable time leads, oftentimes in dramatic fashion.  Luis was also quite infamously stopped right in the middle of his second leg by the race director and slapped with absurd time penalties, much to the chagrin of the team.

A long-distance specialist, he has successfully completed the Bataan Death March 102k and 160k ultramarathons. He is an active campaigner in both short course and long-distance triathlon races, and plans to cap off a busy season by competing in the Camsur Ironman 70.3 this August. He recently qualified for the Timex 226 triathlon in Bohol this December, the first full Ironman-distance event (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42k run) event in the country since 2002.

His site The Gingerbread Report is a two-time Philippine Blog Award finalist, and may be visited at



When did you start running? Why did you start running? I started running in 2008 because my weight balooned to 205 lbs, an all-time high in terms of heft and an all-time low in terms of self-esteem.
What is your favorite distance? Why? My favorite distance is 160k, only because there are only 34 other people in the country so far who have done it.
What is your most memorable running moment? Event? My most memorable running moment was during the Epic Relay 250 last year, when the TPB middle-of-the-order lineup (Markhernz, Myself, Jai and Ronnel) overhauled what seemed like an insurmountable deficit to hand the lead back to Ka Totoy for the final leg. That's sheer live drama right there that may never be replicated.
Who are your running idols? Pete Jacobs, Chris Mccormack and Craig Alexander, because they all ran a sub 2:45 marathon after swimming 3.8k and biking 180k.
What was your weight before you started running? What is your weight now? All time high was 205 lbs, am 160-165 now.
How many pairs of shoes do you own? About six but I only use one pair for racing.
What was your "slowest" race? When me and Ultramarathoner/TPB Gal Abby finished second to the last in a 16k trail run, about three hours lol. It was more sightseeing really.
What are your usual pre-race activities? Eat light, salt sticks, gel.
What is your favorite non-TPB singlet? The black singlet and the Quest 825 trisuit.
What is your target race? What is your target finish time? Target race is Ironman Camsur, hopefully to finish it under six and a half hours. Bigger target Timex 226 in Bohol, finish it in 16 hours or less.
Forefoot, midfoot, or heel? Midfoot.
What was your worst injury? How long were you sidelined? ITBS knocked me off for two months. A bruised hip when I crashed about three.
How many races have you raced already? What is your total mileage since you started running? More than 3,000 kms by my reckoning, I lost track. Races, about 50-60? I could be wrong.
How did you get into TPB? When did you join TPB? When legacy team captain Bryan broached the idea at the forums (and the crap that soon followed), we sought about in filling the lineup. Thing was, he planned it way, way ahead that the lineup took on several incarnations before we finalized it.
What is your message to TPB fans and supporters? Thank you for all the support, we are astounded by the reception and recognition that you have given us, specially at the races. See you on the road! Buy the singlet, it's cheap! Lol
In your own words, what is running to you? Without running, you'll get fat :P
If you are to create a running event what will you name it? The Gingerbread Run. Very original huh.
If you are to create a team of 5 runners for a 5 x 32 km race, who will your members be (can be anyone, runner or not, living or dead)? Abebe Bikila, Haile, Tergat, Ryan Hall and that new world record holder dude.

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