Leandro Losaria

Ace Balasador

Date of birth: 11/16/1980
Member since: 6/6/2010

Leandro is known by friends, family and acquaintances by various names. Friends call him “Brando”, fans call him “Ace”. Some even like to call him “Vhong” :) Whatever the name, everybody knows the man. Active in the running community for years as not only a devoted and ambitious runner, he’s also an active contributor to the online “father of TPB”, the website Takbo.phHe was recruited to the team in 2010 to become a part of the “Original 10” who competed at that year’s Chris Sports Epic Relay and placed a very respectable second. Sidelined due to a nasty case of ITBS in early 2011, he underwent a comprehensive physiotherapy regime and is now well on the way to recovering to his pre-injury form.

Aside from a serious runner, Leandro is also the funny man and the life of many a social situation. Look for him blazing down the streets at your upcoming races!

When did you start running? Why did you start running? I started 2007, competitively since 2009. I started running to lose weight.
What is your favorite distance? Why? 21kms.
What is your most memorable running moment? Event? When I was being chased by Team Timex's part-human, part-cyborg runner @9pm along the Bataan Nuclear Powerplant during Epic relay 2010. This is also when TPB started.
Who are your running idols? Bekele, Prefontaine, Ryan Hall, Usain Bolt, and Ka Totoy
What was your weight before you started running? What is your weight now? 181lbs before, 140 when im at my tip top shape.
How many pairs of shoes do you own? 5 pairs (adios, mana, free, nimbus, and elixir)
What was your "slowest" race? 2:0x for 21K, 68 mins for 10K
What are your usual pre-race activities? invoke my ".dispose()" method, eat kitkat with freshmilk, stretches
What is your favorite non-TPB singlet? My boston marathon 2009 and Adidas 2009 singlets
What is your target race? What is your target finish time? Condura 2012 42kms, sub 3:45
Forefoot, midfoot, or heel? Forefoot
What was your worst injury? How long were you sidelined? ITBS. Was sidelined for 5 months, was able to beat it, im now starting to run again.
How many races have you raced already? What is your total mileage since you started running? I believe around 30+, total mileage of around 2500 kms since 2009
How did you get into TPB? When did you join TPB? Was invited by Luis Arcangel for Epic relay 2010, it was an honor to be invited to join TPB.
What is your message to TPB fans and supporters? Train hard and train smart :) Never get addicted with "distance" without proper training :D
In your own words, what is running to you? Running, to me, is synonymous to perseverance, determination, and hardwork.
If you are to create a running event what will you name it? Maguindanao Marathon "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE"
If you are to create a team of 5 runners for a 5 x 32 km race, who will your members be (can be anyone, runner or not, living or dead)? Zapotek, Bekele, Hall, Prefontaine, and... *drum rolls* Pagong

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