Jixee Lagunda


Date of birth: 10/1/1983
Member since: 10/17/2010

After races you will probably see Jixee eagerly posing with fans who want to take a picture. This TPPB heartthrob is most famous for his “SPEED” training. He wanted to motivate fellow runners to make their training program more holistic, he decided to start his own SPEED sessions commonly known as” Jixeenation”. (its every Tuesday night at BHS)
Jixee is TPB’s unofficial “calendar boy”, having placed 1st in the male edition of KB Runner’s infamous Hitlist, making Jixee officially the hunkiest runner in the Philippine running community. Indeed, many doe-eyed ladies swoon when they catch a glimpse of his 6-pack abs. However, at the time of this writing, his heart belongs to one lady only. Sorry, girls!

Jixee, being a natural born athlete, has also been active in the triathlon and multisport community for a while now and already has made his mark in the Sprint distances, ending up with podium finishes more than once!

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