Gian Saquilon

Date of birth: 4/28/1993
Member since: 1/9/2011

Counted as one of the youngest members of TPB, “The Prodigy” has set himself apart by consistently submitting true sub-elite times, making him an invaluable member of the active roster. The quick caveat is that these performances are becoming somewhat of a rarity due to a recurring spate of injuries.  His immersion as a part-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter is an easy culprit, but the mercurial, headstrong sprinter has proven his worth on the road innumerable times as long as his health cooperates.

When did you start running? Why did you start running? July 2009. Funny story because I heard globe gave out prepaid load to those who registered for their race.
What is your favorite distance? Why? 5k and 21k :D
What is your most memorable running moment? Event? Earth Run 2010 21km. The last decent 21km i raced 6th or 7th?
Who are your running idols? Eduardo Buenavista
What was your weight before you started running? What is your weight now? 140lbs. 120lbs
How many pairs of shoes do you own? Adizero Boston, Lunaracer+2, Nike ??
What was your "slowest" race? Greentennial 1/2(2:06)
What are your usual pre-race activities? Banana and iced coffee for breakfast then pray before the gunstart
What is your favorite non-TPB singlet? My 1991 PAL Marathon Singlet
What is your target race? What is your target finish time? Milo Provincial Qualifiers. Sub 1:30 :((
Forefoot, midfoot, or heel? Forefoot/Midfoot
What was your worst injury? How long were you sidelined? Plantar facilitis and quad injury. 2 weeks
How many races have you raced already? What is your total mileage since you started running? Lost count :))
How did you get into TPB? When did you join TPB? Through Mark Mulder and Brando Losaria. Bull Run 2011
What is your message to TPB fans and supporters? Set your goals and follow your dreams :))
In your own words, what is running to you? Running is a sport that requires great discipline but has a lot of benefits if you follow a routine
If you are to create a running event what will you name it? New Breed Runners :))
If you are to create a team of 5 runners for a 5 x 32 km race, who will your members be (can be anyone, runner or not, living or dead)? Sir Totoy, Wilnar, Sir Junrox, Chris iblan and Eduardo Buenavista

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