Junrox Roque


Date of birth: 11/30/1973
Member since: 10/17/2010

The epitome of versatility, this powerful all-arounder has been a boon to the TPB fold ever since his first race carrying the Fuschia Army banner. Widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working  performers on the team, the man who goes by the online monicker of “Tigerboy” has rapidly improved on his personal bests year in and year out.  A force to reckon with in the short- to -middle distances, Junrox has successfully brought up his speed to the marathon and ultramarathon distances, highlighted by sensational performances at the BDM 102 and BDM 160 Ultramarathon races. Currently a fixture on the executive cycling circuit, several podium finishes on the duathlon circuit loom as a portent of things to come for his budding multisport career.

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