Bryan Rivera

Member since: 6/6/2010

Bryan was the original team captain of Powerpuff Boys and spearheaded the team’s campaign at 2010’s Chris Sports Epic Relay. He proved to be a worthy leader in many ways, ensuring a selective recruitment process of 10 talented runners who became friends; arranging for all formalities and logistics surrounding the race; providing support, motivation and encouragement when it mattered most. Indeed TPB would not be where it was not if it wasn’t for Bryan’s involvement.

After being sidelined due to a running-related injury to his knee, he slowly got back into his active lifestyle, although replacing his running regimen with his other passion: Ultimate (or as some call it, ultimate Frisbee). Together with his partner (and former TPB support crew member) Eire Daproza, he can be seen at various ultimate games and tournaments around Metro Manila.

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