Angelo Lagumbay

Adventist Runner

Date of birth: 8/1/1985
Member since: 10/17/2010

Also known as the Adventist Runner in running circles, Angelo has shown considerable heart in fighting through several injuries through last season. A versatile runner with top-tier speed when healthy, there is no doubt that he would be back at full strength for the remaining races on the TPB calendar.

Angelo has been the shorter distance specialist but lately is broadening his skill set and including the middle and long distance events to his repertoire. Also he is one of the evangelists and practitioners of minimalist running, and as such can be spotted at many races running in his trusty Vibram Five Fingers.

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  1. Bon Castillo says:

    A MESSAGE FOR MISTER ANGELO LAGUMBAY: Hi Angelo. Is it possible to talk to you? You took some great shots of our commander, a Phil Air Force General during the PAF Anniversary run last year, and we would like to request copies of those shots with higher resolution. I left a message in your FB account, kindly PM me there your contact number should you wish to grant our request. Your favorable response will be highly appreciated…Thanks in advance…

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