Alex Macalintal

Alex Mac

Date of birth: 12/4/1969
Member since: 10/17/2010

Alex is a naturally gifted athlete who has parlayed his background in cycling into a very good base for his running. A strong, powerful runner, Alex has consistently submitted impressive times in all the races in which he has carried the TPB banner. In addition, a podium finish in his very first duathlon may have Alex soon following in the famous multisport footsteps of his cousin, celebrity triathlon coach Jojo Macalintal who counts among his clients Piolo Pascual and Jennylyn Mercado.

When did you start running? Why did you start running? start last May2006 then stop after my 1st 42k Feb.2007. Back to running by Feb.2010
What is your favorite distance? Why? 21k
What is your most memorable running moment? Event? MILO 34th 2010 Manila leg
Who are your running idols? Alamat ng Samat , Simply Wilnar, Joggernatz, Cris Iblan, Nick Geaga, Junrox
What was your weight before you started running? What is your weight now? same
How many pairs of shoes do you own? 6 ( 2 pairs of Nike span7, Nike span 8, NB 875, Mizuno, Adidas Salvation2
What was your "slowest" race? 10k - 1:01, 21k-1:56, 42k-4:18
What are your usual pre-race activities? eat one bowl of oatmeal and drink one big mug of black coffee
What is your favorite non-TPB singlet? brooks run happy
What is your target race? What is your target finish time? MILO or QCIM - 3:50 - 42K
Forefoot, midfoot, or heel? Heel
What was your worst injury? How long were you sidelined? happened during the red cross run 2006, my right knee was injured ( I didnt know the exact terminology) I just rested it for 2 weeks
How many races have you raced already? What is your total mileage since you started running? no record yet
How did you get into TPB? When did you join TPB? I was invited by ronel last October fest run 2010 to join the TPPB.syempre sali and join agad.
What is your message to TPB fans and supporters? run run run... its fit and fun
In your own words, what is running to you? fit , healthy and pang tanggal ng stress
If you are to create a running event what will you name it? patakbo para sa mga adik tumakbo..
If you are to create a team of 5 runners for a 5 x 32 km race, who will your members be (can be anyone, runner or not, living or dead)? cris iblan, simply wilnar, alamat ng samat, junrox, nick geaga

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