The Team

Some of the members of TPB

So who are the Powerpuff Boys? They are an eclectic mix of runners from different walks of life, representing at least 3 countries. They represent different skill levels and different distance specialties; everything from 5K to 100 miles. What binds them is their passion for running, (in some cases) multisport, and in general a committed and disciplined approach towards an active and healthly lifestyle. Meet the Boys (…and Babes!) that make up the Team!

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Eire is a bubbly and sociable original TPB support crew member that helped make the Team’s 2010 Epic Relay campaign possible. She has been on the Manila running scene since the inception of and could be seen at many local running events throughout 2009 and 2010. She is also known as Doc Eire since she is a diploma’d opthamologist running her own clinic.