The Team

Some of the members of TPB

So who are the Powerpuff Boys? They are an eclectic mix of runners from different walks of life, representing at least 3 countries. They represent different skill levels and different distance specialties; everything from 5K to 100 miles. What binds them is their passion for running, (in some cases) multisport, and in general a committed and disciplined approach towards an active and healthly lifestyle. Meet the Boys (…and Babes!) that make up the Team!

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One of the two TPB members who completed the roster of 25 at the 2011 edition of Octoberun, forefoot runner AJ is also one of the youngest in the team at 20.  He is also very vocal that being able to join the team is a dream fulfilled.

Alex is a naturally gifted athlete who has parlayed his background in cycling into a very good base for his running. A strong, powerful runner, Alex has consistently submitted impressive times in all the races in which he has carried the TPB banner. In addition, a podium finish in his very first duathlon may have Alex soon following in the famous multisport footsteps of his cousin, celebrity triathlon coach Jojo Macalintal who counts among his clients Piolo Pascual and Jennylyn Mercado.

The flamboyant mountaineer burst onto the scene as one of the stalwarts of TPB’s second wave of recruits. Capable of submitting top-tier, sub-elite times across all distances, Alexis has proven to be a vital cog on numerous occasions for the team. His boisterous persona belies an intense competitor who has continually set himself to a higher standard with regard to his personal race results.

Alfred is a different breed of runner; as TPB’s tallest member, he stands quite literally head and shoulders above the rest. This is due to the fact he is in fact 1 1/2 persons: 1/2 Filipino, 1/2 Japanese* and 1/2 Kenyan*.

Also known as the Adventist Runner in running circles, Angelo has shown considerable heart in fighting through several injuries through last season. A versatile runner with top-tier speed when healthy, there is no doubt that he would be back at full strength for the remaining races on the TPB calendar.

If we had to single out one TPB member as our “sub-elite athlete”, it would likely be Chris “Super Hatdog” Iblan. A true running thoroughbred and one of the younger members of the team, he’s accomplished so many podium finishes and unbeatable times that we consider him a true sensation and force to be reckoned with.

A strong product of the community, this hard-working TPB member has contributed greatly to numerous team competitions and whose unbridled enthusiasm is a boon to the team. See him to figure more prominently in the team’s upcoming races.

One of the most senior members of and one of its site moderators, Ellen was the pioneer female member of TPB and has opened doors to countless others.  An aggressive runner whose heart could never be in question, this veteran shares her running smarts as one of the community coaches of the Adidas ANR program.  An up-and coming cyclist and triathlete, Ellen competed at her first Olympic-distance triathlon last February.

Counted as one of the youngest members of TPB, “The Prodigy” has set himself apart by consistently submitting true sub-elite times, making him an invaluable member of the active roster. The quick caveat is that these performances are becoming somewhat of a rarity due to a recurring spate of injuries.  His immersion as a part-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter is an easy culprit, but the mercurial, headstrong sprinter has proven his worth on the road innumerable times as long as his health cooperates.

Long considered to be one of the few true sub-elite runners  to come out of the community, Graciano “Ka Totoy” Santos was the undisputed choice to run the anchor leg of the legacy TPB team that competed at the Epic Relay 250. His heroic effort in maintaining a blistering pace over the treacherous slopes of Mt. Samat, all while keeping the Kenyan onslaught at bay in near pitch-black darkness had earned him the monicker “Alamat ng Samat” from awestruck teammates.

Another vital cog of the TPB legacy team that competed at the Epic Relay 250, this consistent and explosive runner was part of the middle battery that continually bridged the gap against the leading team at the time. His endearing smile and unassuming appearance he normally displays belies a focused and determined (half) marathon monster when he’s wearing his running shoes.

One of the latest additions to the team at the 2011 Octoberun, Jem first turned heads when he finished 5th in the Western Pangasinan 65 km ultramarathon race.

This former high school basketball varsity point guard was a product of the first TBR Dream Marathon who improved leaps and bounds in a short period of time en route to qualifying (in his first try at that) for the 2011 Milo Marathon Nationals.

After races you will probably see Jixee eagerly posing with fans who want to take a picture. This TPPB heartthrob is most famous for his “SPEED” training. He wanted to motivate fellow runners to make their training program more holistic, he decided to start his own SPEED sessions commonly known as” Jixeenation”. (its every Tuesday night at BHS)

A self-proclaimed marathon distance addict who gets really serious training for a goal and gets depressed when faced with a setback, Joms registered the second fastest time in the team when he first ran as a TPB member in Octoberun 2010 and has proved his mettle in several race distances ever since he started running competitively.

Joseph is TPB’s first and only member to hail from the African continent, specifically Kenya: aka the breeding ground of the world’s greatest runners. But Joe is not your average Kenyan. In fact, his origins might deceive you when you find out that he’s not only fluent in his native Swahili and English, but also in Tagalog! This is a result of having lived in the Philippines for over a decade; prior to this he resided in Germany for a number of years. He is indeed one of Team Powerpuff Boys’ most “global” members.

The epitome of versatility, this powerful all-arounder has been a boon to the TPB fold ever since his first race carrying the Fuschia Army banner. Widely acknowledged as one of the hardest working  performers on the team, the man who goes by the online monicker of “Tigerboy” has rapidly improved on his personal bests year in and year out. 

Leandro is known by friends, family and acquaintances by various names. Friends call him “Brando”, fans call him “Ace”. Some even like to call him “Vhong” :) Whatever the name, everybody knows the man. Active in the running community for years as not only a devoted and ambitious runner, he’s also an active contributor to the online “father of TPB”, the website

Luis Arcangel was part of the original lineup that competed at the Epic Relay 250, the team’s very first foray into organized team competitions and the race which most running denizens acknowledge as their showcase to the mainstream public. He was part of a middle-of-the-order battery which time and again chipped away at considerable time leads, oftentimes in dramatic fashion.  Luis was also quite infamously stopped right in the middle of his second leg by the race director and slapped with absurd time penalties, much to the chagrin of the team.

Is the 90’s matinee idol Jestoni Alarcon also now into running?!? Who knows, but most likely who you saw was Beep-beep instead. One of the most mysterious and enigmatic members of Team Powerpuff Boys, Mark Rodica, or simply known as Beep-beep, is well known in the running community for his bubbly personality, running achievements, and nuttiness.

Mark H. is one of the 3 Marks on the team. And just like the other 2 Marks, he’s an “original 10” member, meaning he has been wearing the famous fuchsia singlet ever since the inaugural Chris Sports Epic Relay in 2010. He has been present at every major team race TPB has been a part of since, and is certainly considered one of Team Powerpuff’s “core” runners.

Mark has always stood out from the rest. At the starting line, amidst a sea of runners, Mark is easy to find not only because of his Caucasian features and physique but because when the gun fires you would see him zoom at the front of the pack with that intense, fiery look in his eyes. Mark is a rare sight in the world of running where being an average joe is the celebrated de facto standard.

Never let the old school glasses and grey hair fool you, for this soft-spoken and mild mannered man was already running races before the so-called “fitness” revolution swept the country. Mon Domingo, or more famously known as “Mon Sunday”, was already hitting sub 40 (minutes) 10k’s when many are still on their diapers, and even after 3 decades of running he still hits sub 2 hour HM’s with ease.

Nathaniel, beter known to his friends and acquaintances as “Natz”, and known in the running community as “JoggerNatz” is actually not so much a jogger as a real runner. His effortless stride and relaxed appearance might have more of a jogger’s style than that of a runner, but don’t be decieved. This man has not only broken the elusive 20-minute barrier in the 5K but also ran under 1’35” in the half Marathon!

Commonly known as “Tito” Beeps by his running friends and peers is a long distance enthusiast who’s face is a regular in the Ultra Marathon scene. A proud finisher of the Bataan Death March 102km Ultra Marathon also holds the TPPB record of the most number of burned New Balance rubber in a year.

Funnyman. Never a dull moment. A barrel of laughs. These are some words that many people use when asked about Ronnel for he really is the life of the party and people around him do appreciate his making other people smile (and sometimes laugh hysterically). But what some people don’t know is Kampuger is anything but horsing around when the topic shifts to running and his recent passion ultrarunning.

Wilnar is a soft-spoken man with – as he puts it – simple joys and needs in life, hence the moniker: “Simply Wilnar”. But behind the calm, quiet and unassuming exterior lies a real turbo-driven high-octane long-distance running machine.