See here all the gear and race reviews from various Powerpuff Boys & girls!

Jog & Joy 17th Anniversary Bangkok Mini marathon Fun Run

Some hobbies can take you to places you would not imagine. Shopping, travelling and of course jogging are my top three hobbies. I love them. Each of them always gives me something new. So it was not so farfetched when going for project implementation work in Bangkok that my path would cross with spicy food, well manicured jogging parks and of course this race with a new concept based on weight instead of the traditional age categories. More

Skechers GoRun (1 & 2)

(This is a 3-way review by the 3 members of TPB that currently own and run in the Skechers GoRun shoes; Joey having the original version and Mark & Kat running in version 2. Although the shoe has changed between versions, many characteristics stayed consistent and also hopefully this gives an idea of how the shoe has evolved.)

Potsdam Schlösserlauf 21K

As I’m currently the only member of TPB to be residing in Europe, my race review comes from a totally different place than the others…namely Potsdam Germany. A little backdrop: I moved to Berlin in February of this year, and since then have slowly been getting back to my old running form again. It was really tough at first, since finding motivation to run out by yourself in -5 degree weather is not simple. But since then the weather has improved and I have come across a whole group of very enthusiastic, friendly and FAST (mostly ex-pat) running buddies.

The PSE Bull run…2013 Edition

After the success of the 2011 and 2012 editions, where The PowerPuff Boys took first place and almost 8 of the first 10 places in the prestigious half marathon category, the expectations where higher. There would be more teams and running clubs joining this year’s edition. There would be better trained and faster runners entering this event. The running blogs were abuzz with the excitment of the first official race for 2013. To defend the title, there was no way but to up our ante.


Race Review: Octoberun 2011

Although TPB was initially created to compete in the 2010 Chris Sports Epic Relay, we did not manage to come home with a 1st place victory, which left the boys wanting redemption. So when MLB Road Race Specialist announced that they were reviving the October Fort Running Fest after a hiatus of 4 years, the Team was excited at the chance and determined to put forward a strong team. Because of the size of the team needed in order to compete (25), this also signaled a sudden and big growth spurt from the original 10.

Shoe Review: Adidas Adizero Tempo

The Adidas Adizero Tempo is fast becoming a classic shoe for those with light stability requirements. From my own experience, it’s light enough to run with for sprints and sturdy enough to survive a 160k ultramarathon.Here’s my review on it should you wish to get one of its newer incarnations.


New Balance Minimus Road

Following a somewhat annoying and tiring rollercoaster relationship with shin splints and calf pains for the past few months, I started having a sneaking suspicion that it might be time to replace my favourite pair of mid- to long-distance runners. My trusty and comfy Adidas Adizero Adios have pulled me through 420km of pavement pounding. That’s practically 10 full Marathons. Incidentally, my very first (albeit unofficial, during a training run) Marathon was run on these shoes, as well as my fastest 21K and 10K so far, so they do hold a special place in my heart. But the pains in my lower legs wouldn’t dissipate, no matter how much I rested, iced, or stretched them. Could new shoes be the answer?

Fort Running Festival

Powerpuff Boys. TPB. The crew with the can’t-miss singlet has steadily garnered a cult ever since a highly controversial runner-up finish during the inaugural Chris Sports Epic Relay 250 Race. In the months that had passed since their cause celebre’, the open-source singlet had become a veritable fan favorite amongst running denizens. Perhaps because of the fun color, but more so because a lot could relate to the scrapping, never-say-die attitude the team exhibited during its maiden campaign. More

Chris Sports Epic Relay 250K

It has been a little over two weeks since 10 enterprising souls along with their gritty, dedicated support team went out with two vans and covered 250 kilometers covering Subic, Bataan and Zambales during the Chris Sports Epic Relay. By now, you have probably read all about it. Listened to the incredible stories. Heard out the grievances and lamentations. Reveled in the triumphs and cringed at the lows. More