Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge

Baguio City

UPDATE FROM RACE ORGANIZER: Due to conflicts within the race calendar, the team component of PRCC has been postponed until summer of 2012. We were looking forward to this race, but at least we will now have a few months more to train!

The first ever Pilipinas Running Clubs Challenge is coming to Baguio in November, and Team Powerpuff Boys will be there! This is a group run which will cover 21 kilometers of hilly Bagiuo roads. It will be a very high-stakes competition in which the winning team of 10 runners (7 male, 3 female) will win tickets to fly to Hong Kong and attend the Standard Chartered HK International Marathon! Baguio is known for steep ascents and descents as well as thinner air than Manila, so this will be certainly a test of strong legs, lungs, heart and spirit.

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