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The Sweetest Revenge

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Tired, upset stomach and soreness… those were the feelings that I remembered as I was doing my last stretch towards the finish line. Up to the last moment, I still can’t believe that I was about to accomplish a goal that I chased so hard but evaded me for so long. But I know last night was the moment and finally as I step on the finish line, I raised my hand and shouted for joy that I finally made it! A sub-4 hours (3:53 unofficial) finish for a full-marathon at last!

Kagat medal moment!!! That’s one hell of a medal (photo c/o Gob. Caloy)

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The First Time… (My Marathon Debut)

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There is always a first time for everything. From the first time we walk, to the first time we go to school. There is the first time we take a plane and there is the first time we take an exam. At some point I was going to have a first time in running a marathon. That first time like all other first times in all other things had to happen. It comes with the territory. The insatiable human appetite to go beyond comfort zones. To explore how it feels like to do this or that. The human being is by design a social animal. From attending parties and family gatherings, to rallies, and yes races. Just so as to belong. So for the first time, I will be in a social setting. Only this time it is a skyway marathon race!

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The PSE Bull run…2012 Edition

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This was a race I was anticipating with all my heart for various and mostly sentimental reasons. The story starts sometime in September of 2010. I had just completed my first half marathon at the inaugural REXONA run returning a decent 1:39hr time.  Team Powerpuff boys had earlier been formed and they were in need of new recruits to help them fill the 25 required slots for the upcoming October fest run. A yearly race that has a category for team competition. Coach Ronnel, a good friend of mine and colleague at work invited me to join. I was more than elated to say the least. I like having purpose in anything I do. It is my way of remaining sane in this fast paced world. So competing once in a while makes sense to me, and when such opportunities present themselves I enjoy taking them. I know at my age, my biological limitations are all too glaring, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good race. Being first or last is neither here nor there for me, but the fact that I gave my best enriches me a lot.

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Sub-20min 5K at last!

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Sunday the 13th of November 2011 was like any other morning except for one thing, it was race day for me. This was the culmination of a 12 week program to finally supplant myself as a sub-20min 5K sub-elite jogger! I knew it was going to be a hot morning. At the time I was waking up at 4:00am I could feel the humidity and the fast rising morning temperatures. Running anaerobic distances is a feat by itself, running in humid conditions makes it the more challenging. I consoled myself as I was leaving my abode. After all, I said to myself, there are a few more races before the Christmas break, so if this does not work, I would bite my lip, and take it in stride.


My RunUnited2 sub-42min 10K race

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I normally don’t write about my races, but I felt the urge to write about this one. August 21, 2011 was the race day. I had registered for the 10K category. I woke up at exactly 4am as I usually do with all my races. I took a cold shower as a ritual, made for myself a cup of hot coffee and had a piece of kamote kahoy (cassava) to go with it. The weather outside was cool and dry, perfect conditions for morning runs. I arrived at the GBC at around 5am with 30mins to spare as my race would start at 5:30am.

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Powerpuff Boys rock the Milo Elims

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Some of the finest runners of TPB have come back from today’s rainy Milo Eliminations in Manila with some outstanding performances under their belts! First off hats off and congrats to Chris Iblan for bagging 3rd place in the 21Km race, finishing in a “mind-boggling” time of 1:25’51”.

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