My CM42 Trail Marathon Race Experience

I needed a break. The constant monotony of city life needed a change. I cringed at having to do another weekend long run on the same streets; and then from nowhere CM42 event page appeared! The allure of the trail, the country side, the fresh scent of nature jolted me into signing for it in a jiffy. Perfect distance, 22km of trail run instead of 23km Long Street run scheduled for that weekend. Made calls, got a hotel in Angeles city and off we were for the long drive to the event place.CM4215

Little did we know that the inclemental weather would make this trail event one of a kind. It will be the most memorable trail race for years to come. The gun start was moved an hour ahead, and it was for good reason. The pregnant clouds made the dawn look like night. Even in that damp weather with gushes of rain and wind now and then, one could sense the anticipation and sheer excitement among the participants. We were about to experience something unique.

Since it was my first trail run with no idea what was ahead, I wasn’t too sure of what I should wear or carry. The strong winds forced me to change from a singlet to a jersey. From the lessons learned in the T2N race, which had a similar topology but less steep, I came in double layered socks to prevent blisters. For shoes, I chose Merrell’s line of minimalist shoes designed for trails. This would help for better grip and better ground feel. For hydration, I chose a hydration belt. This would free my hands for better hand foot coordination in that treacherous terrain.

The first two kilometers were a mixture of gravel and concrete roads, giving way to steep climbing slopes with profiles ranging from big rocks, mud, and ground socked with rain sometimes calf high. The allure of natureWith some places gnashed away with flowing torrents of water due to the falling rain, it was a spectacle to behold. Interspersed with occasional traditional Aeta huts, banana fields and steep side slopes, the howling winds and constant rain were perfect background vocals for our heavy breathing.

As we approached the final turn to the falls, the climb down was a mixture of algae induced slimy green rocks, overgrown paths, rivulets with only tree branches as bridges and finally a broken stair case to the Miyamit falls. The falls did not disappoint. The rains that had been pounding the area had turned the meek Miyamit falls into a majestic sight thundering down the rocks far below. A misstep and you could be crushed to your death in those big boulders beneath it. Indeed the climax of the whole 26km of trail run. This is something that should never be missed and made this trail so nostalgic.Miyamit Falls

Going back wasn’t any easy. If the climbs were steep, tasking the lungs, calves and hamstrings, naturally the run down the slopes would be worse. This time the quads and knees would be bearing the weight. A slip would easily break ones legs, hip, back or shoulder bones. One had to be extra careful. I did mention 26km of trail run. The original 22 turned out to be 26 because of the change in start line. This change in distance had its complications. 26km of trail run through that torturous terrain and bad weather is like doing a 32-35km road race. A real danger of running out of stored energy and hitting the wall among other things. Well that is trail run for you.

Trudging along towards the finish line, with the villages along the route now coming alive in the morning, I couldn’t help but admire and regal at the opportunity of doing this race. There were instances, I just wished the trail would go on and on due to its raw beauty, the simplicity of life around it and the once in a lifetime weather experience to support it. As I approached the finish line, I took a look at my legs and couldn’t differentiate the colour of my legs, white socks and red shoes. They were all covered in dark brown mud. A testament of an experience that lets one wonder if conspiracy theories actually have a way into ordinary people’s lives.

I could go on and on, but I must say many thanks to the indefatigable race director, Sir Jonnifer M. Lacanlale, his super supportive crew of volunteers, my Team Powerpuff friends and new friends I made for making this race a must do race for anyone who wants to try out real trail running. Argh! I just can’t get the hang of it…CM42

Jog & Joy 17th Anniversary Bangkok Mini marathon Fun Run

Some hobbies can take you to places you would not imagine. Shopping, travelling and of course jogging are my top three hobbies. I love them. Each of them always gives me something new. So it was not so farfetched when going for project implementation work in Bangkok that my path would cross with spicy food, well manicured jogging parks and of course this race with a new concept based on weight instead of the traditional age categories. More

Skechers GoRun (1 & 2)

(This is a 3-way review by the 3 members of TPB that currently own and run in the Skechers GoRun shoes; Joey having the original version and Mark & Kat running in version 2. Although the shoe has changed between versions, many characteristics stayed consistent and also hopefully this gives an idea of how the shoe has evolved.)

Potsdam Schlösserlauf 21K

As I’m currently the only member of TPB to be residing in Europe, my race review comes from a totally different place than the others…namely Potsdam Germany. A little backdrop: I moved to Berlin in February of this year, and since then have slowly been getting back to my old running form again. It was really tough at first, since finding motivation to run out by yourself in -5 degree weather is not simple. But since then the weather has improved and I have come across a whole group of very enthusiastic, friendly and FAST (mostly ex-pat) running buddies.

Let’s Rip the Road – The Vendetta!

RTRThe concept of this race is simple. Run in any two of the five legs and you get a free entry into the championship provided you are one of the top 1000 fastest rippers! This event culminates into an awards night featuring the top 250 rippers calculated from ones fastest times over two legs. Now, that is incentive enough. The course itself apart from the Kalayaan flyover during the first two or so kilometers is relatively flat hence a good one for trying to achieve ones PR. The only worry I had was the safety of the runners as Makati is a high volume vehicle area as it is in the central business district.


The PSE Bull run…2013 Edition

After the success of the 2011 and 2012 editions, where The PowerPuff Boys took first place and almost 8 of the first 10 places in the prestigious half marathon category, the expectations where higher. There would be more teams and running clubs joining this year’s edition. There would be better trained and faster runners entering this event. The running blogs were abuzz with the excitment of the first official race for 2013. To defend the title, there was no way but to up our ante.


MILO finals – Joseph

The beauty about planning is that not all plans pan out as expected. First, I had a wedding to attend to, then forgot to buy my power gels, and finally slept at 11pm only to wake up at 2am! Follow that with a bloated stomach due to the rich foods served generously at the wedding and I immediately started wondering if I should really be doing this. At the start line, the elites from all over the provinces were already there. Nice to be running among the best, a runners dream.

I had done three 32K long runs as part of the training plan. Compared to Condura marathon, which was my first, the base race time going to the training program was lower, so at best I knew I could match my time, at least theoreticaly. Practically I was more conditioned when it came to core and had more training miles under my belt. This combined with the fact that it was my second marathon gave me the confidence to at least match my Condura or at best beat the elusive sub-3!

SUNPIOLOGY – By Alexis Estenor

Showbiz denizens and runners gathered at the SunPIOLOGY Run 2012 in McKinley last Saturday, November 24. It was hot and dry yet the crowd gleefully waited for the Kapamilya stars, of course I’m not part of “that” crowd. I’ve come to join my first SunPIOLOGY and run my first ever 12km race at McKinley. It was my second time to run in that area, in which people call killer hills. Hills! I thought it’s more of a hump.

The race start at around 4:20pm, I was one of the front liners. As soon as Piolo’s gun fired I started sprinting going north and ascended the first hill going to C-5, descended to the first loop and up again going back to the assembly area and passed it towards Lawton Ave. I started 2nd and after 1km I fell back with 2 Kenyans, a Filipino, a white foreign guy and Matteo Guidicelli who is running with his pacer all ahead of me. Just before reaching Lawton avenue heading towards the second loop at km3 of the race I tried to catch up and actually managed to pass Matteo and even passed an army looking guy wearing a tri-suit who happened to be the first guy off the starting line. All looked good.

Rip the Road – By Joseph

I came across the advertisement of this race through one of our friends in our running team. She posted it on our team page and so I had a chance to read through it. Three things caught my attention. First, the race was going to be held in Makati, a 10min walk from my house. Second, the race had a distance of 10km, my second favourite distance after the 5K. Third it was designed as a series involving 5 races of which the last one is the championship race where only a select will join depending on their average finish times over any of two of the four initial legs. With 3 weeks to go to my marathon race, the initial race would be a calibration race for my marathon. The subsequent ones would be geared towards calibrating myself for either my 5 or 10K training program I plan to start some time after the Marathon. I generally split my training programs in two periods. The first period of around 6 months focuses on the short disatnces and the second period on the longer distances. This way everything stays interesting for me all year round.


Tetra Pak RFR Fun Run – The 5km Test

This was an event I had not planned to run. With four weeks to the completion of my twelve week training program for the MILO marathon run in December, this day was supposed to be my 26km long run. This week and the next would be the most difficult ones in my training program. 100km and 104km of total weekly mileage respectively! I had never crossed the 100km/wk mark in any training program. Memories of ITBS injury, sickness due to over training were all hovering above my head.