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Run United Philippine Marathon – 42K by JoggerNatz

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Race Morning I woke up at 12AM feeling fresh and energetic. I wasn’t as scared nor anxious as I used to be in my earlier marathon races. Drank coffee and made sure my tummy was empty before going to the race. Kat and I arrived at the starting line at 2AM an had some pictures with KB runner, Belle, Annaly (from Kabankalan), and Edrick. Kat was going to run 21K, and she was just scheduled for a long tempo run. I told her she’ll surely break her 1:59 personal record set last June, but she shouldn’t give 100% effort since she still has to run 42K in the QCIM. I on the other hand, was planning to give my 100% effort for this race. Target time was sub-3:20, a 7:39/mi pace (4:35/km).

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The Pink Run 2012 – Musings of a Girl who ran Fuchsia (by Kelcy)

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Pink, as my good friend Mr. Google tells me is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, and any varying shades in between.  Remembering the time when I was a little girl, pink has always been a favorite color of mine especially on cotton candies, marshmallows, and scramble (yum!).

Fuchsia, on the other hand – oh well, I’ve always thought this word is quite a mouthful – is a vivid reddish or pinkish purple color (synonymous to magenta), and is named after the flower of the fuchsia plant.  For most Pinoys, this color has always been associated with a joke from our famous ex-president known for his wit, and unfound humor (oops!). Yep, saying it and spelling it, seems quite a bit of a challenge…”uhm, sige na nga, pink na lang.” :-)

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Powerpuff Boys rock the Milo Elims

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Some of the finest runners of TPB have come back from today’s rainy Milo Eliminations in Manila with some outstanding performances under their belts! First off hats off and congrats to Chris Iblan for bagging 3rd place in the 21Km race, finishing in a “mind-boggling” time of 1:25’51”.

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