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The Pink Run – By Jerome and Maris (October 21, 2012)

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The Pink run is a yearly event organized to create awareness for Breast cancer here in the Philippines.

The Pink Run 2012 race results and photos

It is a condition that has become prevelant that it has now overtaken lung cancer as the number one cancer in the Philippines. Worse is that Philippines is now the number one country in Asia in terms of breast cancer affliction. See more in the link below.

So as an advocate of its reduction, this was an event I found prudent to participate in as my small way of contributing to its reduction. The longest distance being 15K.

So here I am. It’s been a while since I last ran an event shorter than 21k! Running ultramarathons and training for them made race distances shorter than 21k less attractive. But, as I already know and would be re-learning, even “short distance” races of 10K, 10miles or half marathons could help in ultrarunning – boost fitness, confidence, speed, etc.

I ran with Jael Wenceslao, a friend and ultrarunner as well.

To make it challenging, I told him that we would be targeting a sub1:10hr finish. Luckily, he was game also. A sub 1:10 finish may seem pedestrian for 15k for speed demons, but for us ultrarunners, we’re just starting to warm up at that point! Additionally, I’m usually content with a 1:15 finish for this distance, 5min/km average would just abolut do it. A sub 1:10 finish would mean extra effort for me, not to mention the race route would be along Mckinley-Bayani, known for its steep hills and rolling terrain.

Jael and I met in front of the brick multisport store in Mckinley. Maris, my beloved girlfriend was with me and would be running 15k as well. Incidentally, Jael was with his wife who would be running 15k too! Full house! I planned on running without taking gels nor saltsticks as I deemed it too short.

The race started promptly at 5:30am. The first few kilometers was an easy 4:45/km for me with Jael right behind me. Soon enough, we were running side by side, keeping in step with each other. We clicked well kilometer after kilometer and I noticed that we were able to maintain a 4:39/km! Hydration stations were not many to slow runners down and not to far away to leave you thirsty – just far enough for a runner to chase the next for a much needed walk break. My breathing was not heavy but my legs felt the pace. There were times that I wanted to just walk, simply because I wasn’t used to racing this way. Seeing how Jael was determined to break the time we set out for ourselves, I strode with him as well, damned tbe the legs.

The final stretch to Mckinley hill was more or less 2km. We skipped the last hydration station and decided to just go for the finish. After a kilometer or so, I let Jael go, seeing that he still had some more “sprint energy” for the finish. Our splits – 43min for 10k, 1hr for 13k, made me tell myself that breaking 1:10 would be within reach anyway! There goes my complacent self…

I crossed the finish line with a time of 1:07:22 with the course being short by 200 meters as per my GPS watch reading. Jael would clear teh coure 22 seconds a head of me. That brought a lot of satisfaction to us as we hit our target times as planned. More excitment would follow when at the 25mins later I see my dear Maris approaching the finish line with a knowing smile. Ah yes, that was a PR smile for sure. Finishing with a time of 1:32:19, a new PR for her at this distance was a joy to watch. Not far behind comes in Jael’s wife, Cookie a few minutes after Maris. Nice.

Overall, this was a good tune up for next week’s RUPM where Jael and I would be running the marathon. True to our nature, we’ll be pacing and targeting new PRs again! Maris will be running the half marathon and I’m sure she’ll have a new 21k PR! Good luck to all of us and happy to support the breast cancer awareness in Philippines. I leave you with a photo of your’s truly…

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Don Bosco fun run, another sub 40min 10K!

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The 26th of February 2012 was my last day in Philippines before I go for a two month business trip to Germany. My last race had been the Condura Skyway Marathon some three weeks back. Since then I had been letting my muscles and joints heal before I start any new program. Injuries taught me to be patient with my aging body. Also I wasn’t sure which program I should do because I know I need sufficient time to heal, taper and then ramp up for any training. Depending on the race I plan to run, the process would be longer or shorter. Looking at the race calendar, there wasn’t much on offer after end of April. There was only the tentative June date for the EPIC relay and then further on in July and August for the MILO and RUNRIO events.

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The First Time… (My Marathon Debut)

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There is always a first time for everything. From the first time we walk, to the first time we go to school. There is the first time we take a plane and there is the first time we take an exam. At some point I was going to have a first time in running a marathon. That first time like all other first times in all other things had to happen. It comes with the territory. The insatiable human appetite to go beyond comfort zones. To explore how it feels like to do this or that. The human being is by design a social animal. From attending parties and family gatherings, to rallies, and yes races. Just so as to belong. So for the first time, I will be in a social setting. Only this time it is a skyway marathon race!

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The PSE Bull run…2012 Edition

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This was a race I was anticipating with all my heart for various and mostly sentimental reasons. The story starts sometime in September of 2010. I had just completed my first half marathon at the inaugural REXONA run returning a decent 1:39hr time.  Team Powerpuff boys had earlier been formed and they were in need of new recruits to help them fill the 25 required slots for the upcoming October fest run. A yearly race that has a category for team competition. Coach Ronnel, a good friend of mine and colleague at work invited me to join. I was more than elated to say the least. I like having purpose in anything I do. It is my way of remaining sane in this fast paced world. So competing once in a while makes sense to me, and when such opportunities present themselves I enjoy taking them. I know at my age, my biological limitations are all too glaring, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good race. Being first or last is neither here nor there for me, but the fact that I gave my best enriches me a lot.

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Sub 40min 10K

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During my trainings I chanced upon an article that was talking about race times and how they are predicted. Of course I had come across many sites that offered tools for predicting race times. Having played around with them, they would predict such and such a time for my runs when I input data. Reading the science behind those predictions made me want to try it in actuality. I figured that since I am a good sample in the general population ( I tend to fall in the middle of the bell curve), the predicted times should work for me if I follow correctly the training programs on offer. Back in May when I was still recovering from my knee injury, I tried a 2 month 10K training program using smart-coach tool (a tool I found in runners world website).


Sub-20min 5K at last!

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Sunday the 13th of November 2011 was like any other morning except for one thing, it was race day for me. This was the culmination of a 12 week program to finally supplant myself as a sub-20min 5K sub-elite jogger! I knew it was going to be a hot morning. At the time I was waking up at 4:00am I could feel the humidity and the fast rising morning temperatures. Running anaerobic distances is a feat by itself, running in humid conditions makes it the more challenging. I consoled myself as I was leaving my abode. After all, I said to myself, there are a few more races before the Christmas break, so if this does not work, I would bite my lip, and take it in stride.


The road to my sub 42min 10K.

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When I did my RunUnited1 5K race back in March, clocking 21:50min, it was after coming back from an ITB injury that had sidelined me for five months. Prior to that I had a very forgettable Condura 10K race in February that still reminded me that my ITB was still there. In the Condura race, I “crawled” the last two or so kilometers as the pain on my right knee was unbearable. A decent 57 min finish to boot could still not appease me. I had no endurance training as most of my trainings either involved the elliptical trainer or swimming.

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My RunUnited2 sub-42min 10K race

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I normally don’t write about my races, but I felt the urge to write about this one. August 21, 2011 was the race day. I had registered for the 10K category. I woke up at exactly 4am as I usually do with all my races. I took a cold shower as a ritual, made for myself a cup of hot coffee and had a piece of kamote kahoy (cassava) to go with it. The weather outside was cool and dry, perfect conditions for morning runs. I arrived at the GBC at around 5am with 30mins to spare as my race would start at 5:30am.

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