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Skechers GoRun (1 & 2)

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(This is a 3-way review by the 3 members of TPB that currently own and run in the Skechers GoRun shoes; Joey having the original version and Mark & Kat running in version 2. Although the shoe has changed between versions, many characteristics stayed consistent and also hopefully this gives an idea of how the shoe has evolved.)

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Potsdam Schlösserlauf 21K

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As I’m currently the only member of TPB to be residing in Europe, my race review comes from a totally different place than the others…namely Potsdam Germany. A little backdrop: I moved to Berlin in February of this year, and since then have slowly been getting back to my old running form again. It was really tough at first, since finding motivation to run out by yourself in -5 degree weather is not simple. But since then the weather has improved and I have come across a whole group of very enthusiastic, friendly and FAST (mostly ex-pat) running buddies.

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