Let’s Rip the Road – The Vendetta!

RTRThe concept of this race is simple. Run in any two of the five legs and you get a free entry into the championship provided you are one of the top 1000 fastest rippers! This event culminates into an awards night featuring the top 250 rippers calculated from ones fastest times over two legs. Now, that is incentive enough. The course itself apart from the Kalayaan flyover during the first two or so kilometers is relatively flat hence a good one for trying to achieve ones PR. The only worry I had was the safety of the runners as Makati is a high volume vehicle area as it is in the central business district.

The first one in November of last year was basically a “let’s see” race where the concern was more on how it will turn out to be. Being a new route, a new organizer and a new concept. By then I was preparing for my MILO finals marathon and squeezed the race just after the previous day’s 20 mile weekend long run. I did a decent sub-41min 10K to place me in the top 10. What blew me away and made this race a must repeat race was the organization, especially on safety. The safety of the runners was excellently managed, be it traffic, hydration, ambulance, name it. Second to me is the course accuracy and this was as accurate as it could get. Perfect race if you want to baseline your programs.

Naturally the 2nd leg dubbed appropriatley the “Vendetta” became a highly anticipated event. It was the race to vindicate ones performance. It attracted alot of serious runners. Our team sent a huge contigent of super fast folks who were more than ready to rip the Makati roads apart. As promised we introduced ourselves in the only way serious joggers (er…runners) do, by each of us smashing their respective previous 10K PRs, some by as much as 2-4min! Incredible for such a short distance. RTR1

The story is still unfloding, the thrid leg, whatever its name will be and the championship will see the most concentrated group of serious runners per km taking to the roads of Makati. No race is close to matching that except maybe the MILO marathon finals where the cream from most towns converge to race in Manila and of course the Olympics (*did I just say that! joke lang)

Once the ink dries and the final chapter of “Rip the Road” is written, Team Power puff will have left an indelible mark on a race that has come to define safety, seriousness, and a passion to improve ones performance over time.


You may visit our fan page on the below link for more photos of the event.


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