SUNPIOLOGY – By Alexis Estenor

Showbiz denizens and runners gathered at the SunPIOLOGY Run 2012 in McKinley last Saturday, November 24. It was hot and dry yet the crowd gleefully waited for the Kapamilya stars, of course I’m not part of “that” crowd. I’ve come to join my first SunPIOLOGY and run my first ever 12km race at McKinley. It was my second time to run in that area, in which people call killer hills. Hills! I thought it’s more of a hump.

The race start at around 4:20pm, I was one of the front liners. As soon as Piolo’s gun fired I started sprinting going north and ascended the first hill going to C-5, descended to the first loop and up again going back to the assembly area and passed it towards Lawton Ave. I started 2nd and after 1km I fell back with 2 Kenyans, a Filipino, a white foreign guy and Matteo Guidicelli who is running with his pacer all ahead of me. Just before reaching Lawton avenue heading towards the second loop at km3 of the race I tried to catch up and actually managed to pass Matteo and even passed an army looking guy wearing a tri-suit who happened to be the first guy off the starting line. All looked good.

I learned that I was in 4th place when people watching the race where shouting at me “pang-apat ka” and to corroborate them, I could still see the leading Kenyans, Mr. Lumawag, and the white foreign guy in front. I was happy to enjoy my 4th place in the 12km category at this point. Soon enough, the race bug caught up with me and I tried to catch up with the foreign guy in front of me but to no avail.  I failed; he was too fast for me. When I passed the last loop near The Heritage Park, all I could think of was just to enjoy the run and be content that I could nick a spot at the top 10. When I reached the last loop for the 6km runners along Bayani Rd, I was already zigzagging my way out of the huge volume of walking crowd. I tried to pace up, still trying to have a decent time. But the more I come nearer to the finish line the more crowded the streets of Lawton and McKinley had become. I was already jumping cones after cones trying to pass the “walking” runners. When I reached the chute for the 12km runners, I was approached by a lady in a staff uniform and she asked for my name and she wrote it on her paper after the number 4. I was elated!

I don’t drink much at the stations, though I grabbed 2 cups of cold water to wet myself and fight the intense heat of that sunny afternoon. The hills were ok, it wasn’t quite as hard as they are said to be and hydration was available every 1-2kms. The only thing I could think of was that it might have made a difference if I knew the route like the back of my hand. Having trainings in McKinley to get familiar with the ascent and descent parts of the route could definitely help one. A good suggestion is to include that area of McKinley as part of the TPB Sunday Runs in that area. Hey I still finished 5th place over-all and I have incredible photos to boot. J

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