Tetra Pak RFR Fun Run – The 5km Test

This was an event I had not planned to run. With four weeks to the completion of my twelve week training program for the MILO marathon run in December, this day was supposed to be my 26km long run. This week and the next would be the most difficult ones in my training program. 100km and 104km of total weekly mileage respectively! I had never crossed the 100km/wk mark in any training program. Memories of ITBS injury, sickness due to over training were all hovering above my head.

Well, in this case I decided to subscribe to the philosophy of determinism, loosley meaning my actions will determine the outcomes thereof. Having paced our good friend at Team Power Puff the previous day to his new personal best in the 21km Nuvali TBR fun run, Sunday should have been a rest day for me. A call came in evening of that Saturday from a friend at soleus saying she had registerd me for 5km fun run at the Tetra Pak. Free bib, short distance, heck what is there to loose!

I arrived early, 4:30am, picked my bib and with the race starting at 6:00am for the 5km category, I decided to pass time by doing “People Observation”. I have no idea what the scientific term for that is. Generally it involves observing body language and movement patterns in people, and if I have the chance to chat with them correlate the different aspects to form a picture of what motivates that person at that point in time. This helps in developing an almost permanent intutive feeling about people which almost always tends to be correct. I could see the among the runners, the PR types, the barkada types, the “hello new shoes” or gadget types, etc etc…fun and interesting. I could almost feel the motivation in others to “do this better than last time” or “I hope I can just make it through this time around in good time”. Any runner would relate to such emotions.

Not to get carried away, the route was accurate (5.05km) in most GPS watches, so I knew my time would be a close reflection of what I can achieve in a 5km race. Luckily we had these varsity types to set a fast pace and motivate us to go faster. The initial take off speeds were breathtaking. You could not deny the fact that this was an adrenalin pumped fun run. At 10:50min I was already crossing the 3km mark! Crazy, but managed to finish the 5km at a new PB of 18:40min! I normally don’t drink water in 5km runs simply because the heavy breathing due to the fast speeds do not allow for proper swallowing, but for some reason I went and picked a cup at km 4 water station. Surprise! Buko juice!  First time in a run I encountered virgin coconut juice being given as an hydration liquid. I spattered the whole of it since I’m not used to that taste in a fun run. All in all, it went well as planned and was grateful for my progress.

For the run itself, I would say it was properly organized. Of course there is the product promotion that always accompanies such events. The take home for this run is in the type of shoes I used. In short runs, I would advice anyone to go for lighter shoes with less cushoining for maximum ground feel. I used what I normally use for my long runs and marathon, with maximum cushioning for the ardous pavement beating the legs get. They tend to be heavier which tires the legs faster. Next week is my peak week of 104km, with a 32km long run, but I also have a 10km “Rip the Road” fun run to fit in my schedule. Interesting times I must admit.

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