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SUNPIOLOGY – By Alexis Estenor

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Showbiz denizens and runners gathered at the SunPIOLOGY Run 2012 in McKinley last Saturday, November 24. It was hot and dry yet the crowd gleefully waited for the Kapamilya stars, of course I’m not part of “that” crowd. I’ve come to join my first SunPIOLOGY and run my first ever 12km race at McKinley. It was my second time to run in that area, in which people call killer hills. Hills! I thought it’s more of a hump.

The race start at around 4:20pm, I was one of the front liners. As soon as Piolo’s gun fired I started sprinting going north and ascended the first hill going to C-5, descended to the first loop and up again going back to the assembly area and passed it towards Lawton Ave. I started 2nd and after 1km I fell back with 2 Kenyans, a Filipino, a white foreign guy and Matteo Guidicelli who is running with his pacer all ahead of me. Just before reaching Lawton avenue heading towards the second loop at km3 of the race I tried to catch up and actually managed to pass Matteo and even passed an army looking guy wearing a tri-suit who happened to be the first guy off the starting line. All looked good.

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Rip the Road – By Joseph

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I came across the advertisement of this race through one of our friends in our running team. She posted it on our team page and so I had a chance to read through it. Three things caught my attention. First, the race was going to be held in Makati, a 10min walk from my house. Second, the race had a distance of 10km, my second favourite distance after the 5K. Third it was designed as a series involving 5 races of which the last one is the championship race where only a select will join depending on their average finish times over any of two of the four initial legs. With 3 weeks to go to my marathon race, the initial race would be a calibration race for my marathon. The subsequent ones would be geared towards calibrating myself for either my 5 or 10K training program I plan to start some time after the Marathon. I generally split my training programs in two periods. The first period of around 6 months focuses on the short disatnces and the second period on the longer distances. This way everything stays interesting for me all year round.

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Tetra Pak RFR Fun Run – The 5km Test

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This was an event I had not planned to run. With four weeks to the completion of my twelve week training program for the MILO marathon run in December, this day was supposed to be my 26km long run. This week and the next would be the most difficult ones in my training program. 100km and 104km of total weekly mileage respectively! I had never crossed the 100km/wk mark in any training program. Memories of ITBS injury, sickness due to over training were all hovering above my head.

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NB Power run 10K – By Joseph

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At the 8th week of my 12 week marathon training program, the whole week is composed of 5 days of easy runs of 15km each. This is normaly a good time for one to guage their fitness level. Having gauged my half marathon time some 3 weeks earlier and passed well, I was confident the 10K which is more anaerobic should go well to test how long I can hold on to a near max heart rate race. I was there early enough, and with short races, warm up consisiting of jogs at recovery pace and some 100m dashes are prerequsites of warming up the muscles. My target time was a sub-40. Anything above that would be a disaster for my targeted marathon time of 3:10hr.

At the start line, I met familiar faces, waved to some, wished others luck and also got some good luck responses. 10, 9, 8…off we went. The pace was high, by the first kilometer we were doing 3:20min/km, and by the third km, it was clear I would be in the top 3. Half way I checked my watch and it read 19:05min gone. Too fast! The inevitable +ve split was not for my liking. I should be crossing the 5km mark at 19:50s or so. By this time the gap between me and the 4th person, incidentally a lady was 1min, huge for short races! Mine and the guy in front was also 1min, and the 1st person was 3min ahead of me. Those gaps are almost impossible to close if you have ever tried running short distances. It is like being lapped 1 times in a track!

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Run United Philippine Marathon – 21K by Joseph

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I had sworn not to run another marathon after my first and only one I did some 9 months ago. It was the condura Skyway marathon for the mangrooves. Being my frst marathon, in hindsight I chose the wrong race. It has a rolling terrain yet my whole training was in the rather flat Makati area. Though I finished a respectable 3:19hr, it was not the goal time I had set myself to achieve. I was targeting a sub3hr time. Dreams do remian dreams at times! argh!

This time, I decided to do one more and to do it more intelligently. So my next marathon will be the MILO finals. Target time is 3:10hr with a +/- 5min either side. I was fortunate to qualify for the finals through the provincial leg eliminiations where I ran the San Pablo leg. A tough hilly course, but nonetheless I managed to scrap through with a time of 1:35hr in the Half marathon. Immediately after that I commenced a 12 week training program for the finals starting in mid September.

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Run United Philippine Marathon – 42K by JoggerNatz

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Race Morning I woke up at 12AM feeling fresh and energetic. I wasn’t as scared nor anxious as I used to be in my earlier marathon races. Drank coffee and made sure my tummy was empty before going to the race. Kat and I arrived at the starting line at 2AM an had some pictures with KB runner, Belle, Annaly (from Kabankalan), and Edrick. Kat was going to run 21K, and she was just scheduled for a long tempo run. I told her she’ll surely break her 1:59 personal record set last June, but she shouldn’t give 100% effort since she still has to run 42K in the QCIM. I on the other hand, was planning to give my 100% effort for this race. Target time was sub-3:20, a 7:39/mi pace (4:35/km).

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