The Pink Run 2012 – Musings of a Girl who ran Fuchsia (by Kelcy)

Pink, as my good friend Mr. Google tells me is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, and any varying shades in between.  Remembering the time when I was a little girl, pink has always been a favorite color of mine especially on cotton candies, marshmallows, and scramble (yum!).

Fuchsia, on the other hand – oh well, I’ve always thought this word is quite a mouthful – is a vivid reddish or pinkish purple color (synonymous to magenta), and is named after the flower of the fuchsia plant.  For most Pinoys, this color has always been associated with a joke from our famous ex-president known for his wit, and unfound humor (oops!). Yep, saying it and spelling it, seems quite a bit of a challenge…”uhm, sige na nga, pink na lang.” :-)

So…what about a pink run?

Last  21st of October, I joined the 10k distance of The Pink Run 2012 held in Mckinley, Bonifacio Global City.  Prior to this date, a friend has invited me to join.  But since I haven’t been actively joining races for quite a while, or even running to train (I jog sometimes), I just shrugged it off as another race event worthy of a good cause that I won’t be able to join.

But a fateful week before the actual race, I got a text message saying that a friend has died of the Big C –breast cancer.  I was shocked and saddened.  Here is a 28-year-old woman, a wife, with two kids, suddenly succumbing to this dreaded disease.  And she has fought the battle for only a little less or more than a year.  What a loss… :-(

Suddenly, joining the Pink Run became more personal.  I ran fuchsia (or pink rather) – proudly wearing my original Team Powerpuff Boys singlet – with my good friend in mind (praying for her soul and family).  I ran fuschia, for another’s friend’s mom who’s been acquainted with this disease.  I ran fuschia to somehow give a part of me, on the many women (or men) who’s fighting this breast cancer.  It is minuscule –spending an hour running and contributing a few.  But somehow, it brought me unexplainable peace and joy that I hope, my friend and her family may also have.

It may not be your color, but this is also your fight.”  – Pink Run


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