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Sub-20min 5K at last!

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Sunday the 13th of November 2011 was like any other morning except for one thing, it was race day for me. This was the culmination of a 12 week program to finally supplant myself as a sub-20min 5K sub-elite jogger! I knew it was going to be a hot morning. At the time I was waking up at 4:00am I could feel the humidity and the fast rising morning temperatures. Running anaerobic distances is a feat by itself, running in humid conditions makes it the more challenging. I consoled myself as I was leaving my abode. After all, I said to myself, there are a few more races before the Christmas break, so if this does not work, I would bite my lip, and take it in stride.


2012 PSE Bull Run

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The Powerpuff Boys will try to defend their 2011 title as 21K Team Champions at the PSE Bull Run, Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya. This year’s level of competition is set to be even higher than the last, so the Boys and Babes will be ready to deliver real stellar performance to defend the title! See you there in your fuchsia fan singlets and cheering us on! :)

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