A glimpse into the future(?)

I work as a software developer in a local IT company and we’re currently undergoing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) for a software that we created for one of our company’s clients. Yesterday, after completing my shift, I hurriedly left the office and fetched my girlfriend somewhere in Ortigas and we went to a bakeshop in UP Diliman afterwards. The traffic was horrendous and the streets were peppered with unscrupulous drivers zigzagging left and right as if they own the streets. In short I had a long day and when I got back to my apartment and laid down on my bed I quickly fell asleep and had a dream about the future of the Philippine running scene.

It was so vivid and real that I remember the following:

  • races had 50,000 runners per event
  • the top 10 finishers of each age category, for both male and female, were all Kenyans (even the 90-100 category)
  • the average finishing times were 60 mins for 5k, 2 hours for 10k  6 hours for half marathon and 12 hours for a Marathon
  • I asked a runner if he knows Eduardo Buenavista and he said… “Eduardo who?!”
  • blogs reviewed the LOOT BAGS of races
  • there were races like “Run for the chihuahua dogs of the corrupt politicos“, and “Run for the female pig-tailed grade 1 students of Bgy Burol
  • www.takbo.ph and www.takbo.net were dating sites with Pagong as an administrator
  • there were at least 100 running “groups” running with streamers and balloons during races like Team Batibot, Team Tomadora the Explorers, Team Chickboys, Team NBSB, Team DOTA, Team Loveless, Team Hopeless Romantics, Team Pakwan, etc.
  • Rio dela Cruz had 24K gold teeth and was bald
  • Sir Bald Runner now had – *GASP* – an AFRO!
  • Phil Younghusband was into running too (and on the other hand Christopher Lao was into triathlon, and swimming is his favorite part)
  • there was a “top 10 runners with most expensive gadgets and gear” category in races
  • the Team Powerpuff Boys was a…

Then I woke up, sweating like a pig, with my heart pounding fast. Then I realized that it was just a dream…

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2 Responses to A glimpse into the future(?)

  1. luis says:

    I sure hope that dream never comes to fruition my friend! Haha

  2. Chris says:

    The hair references are just hilarious. Must… stop.. visualizing.

    We should definitely try running with streamers and balloons at least once. Nothing like cruising at 4 min/km without any hint of seriousness.

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