The 11 levels of of runners

What level are you?

0 – ARMCHAIR RUNNER- These are the lying, I-must-concoct-a-story people who trolls running forums such as and act as if they know a thing or two about running. They have funny usernames in forums and always tries to insult and throw jabs at random people to get attention. This is the lowest form of a runner, the soil where poo sits on.

1 – FAD RUNNER – runs only because their “crush” runs and it’s the “in” thing nowadays. Usually are the ones who regularly whine and rant about the contents of loot bags and how flimsy the medals are but doesn’t care much about the actual race itself. They’re complaining that the race’s energy drink doesn’t have the necessary vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, (“AND MY GAS! IT’S CARBONATED!”) that’s why they weren’t able to break their 1 hour PR @ a 5k event.

2 – HARDLY SERIOUS – bought a new pair of running shoes and “tried” running though after a few races his/ her enthusiasm fizzles out. His/ her running shoes are now the home of various flora and fauna.

3 – HOBBYIST – joins races from time to time and is interested to train (and improve) even further but still undecided. The spark of enthusiasm is there and only needs to be fed with fuel to make the passion for running become bigger and brighter.

4 – JOGGER – has been enlightened that running is a great way to stay healthy and maintain a great figure, like #3, the person joins races from time to time, and is slowly getting hooked with running. Most likely already started to join a running group or an online running community.

5 – ENTHUSIAST -like #4, with the addition that the person starts getting more knowledge regarding running (yun pala meaning ng LSD!) and is slowly getting to know the different aspects of running. Starts to squeeze regular runs into his/ her (busy) schedule in preparation for an upcoming race. He/ she now gets addicted with the endorphins brought by running.

6 – RUNNER – This person now starts to wake up during the early hours of the day just to run and has been doing regular training runs in preparation for an upcoming “target” race. He/ she can run alone or with a group and is starting to expand his/ her collection of singlets and bibs. Can comfortably wear ANY outfit, may it be short-shorts, nipple-protruding singlets, or even body fitting tights. He/ she doesnt mind eyes looking when doing his/ her runs.

7 – SERIOUS RUNNER – sets goals and trains diligently to break certain target times and constantly improve by breaking his/ her PR. Incorporates different types of training methods to further improve performance and knows quite a number of training courses and routes in different places. You’ll see them regularly competing in races and spends a significant amount of their time training for a target race and believes that hard work will bear fruit. You’ll see this person running, usually alone, during his/ her free time just to improve further.

8 – REALLY-DAMN-SERIOUS RUNNER – watches his/ her diet, religiously follows training plans, almost never misses a training run and if he/ she does he/ she makes up for it, ALWAYS wakes-up early for races. This person logs each and every run he/ she does, does different types of trainings such as fartleks, LSDs, intervals, etc. Is (almost) always updated with the latest technologies, methodologies, and techniques in order to improve performance. These are usually the fastest, non-professionally trained runners out there. Too fast to just be a “normal” runner, but too slow to be an elite.

9 – PRO/ ELITE RUNNER – this person just takes it to the “next level” and is generally viewed by his/ her compatriots as “one of the fastest” (or “one of the most durable”) in a region or area. Earning money through running is also a possibility through podium finishes, sponsorships, or even training other people. Usually cracks the top 20 overall rankings of big running events and has his/ her own list of small, local races won.

10 – WORLD CLASS – running is this person’s life. He/ she eats, breathes, and thinks running. Has years and years worth of training under his/ her belt. You can see this person running and winning in various races here and abroad. Running is his/ her main source of income. This person doesn’t have the time to post in messageboards, write blog entries *cough*, and chat in forums for this person spends his time training instead. The cream of the crop. The best of the best.

So what type of a runner are you? :)

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